Christos Christoglou

Partner | Lawyer | Specialist Lawyer for Labour Law

Professional Experience

Christos Christoglou has worked as a lawyer in the field of labour law in Hamburg since 2003. Prior to joining beck rechsanwälte, he was as a partner responsible for the labour law desk at Helmke Rechtsanwälte. Out of conviction, he represents employers as well as employees in the field of individual and collective labour law.

His expertise includes advising and representing executives, shareholders, and managing directors in all areas that connect employment/service contract law and corporate law.  He comprehensively assists with establishing companies, hiring processes, negotiation and drafting of performance-related remuneration and participation agreements, as well as contractual terminations and internal company disputes.

As a special expertise, he has relevant practical business experience, which additionally enables him to reflect on legal matters from an entrepreneurial perspective.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Christos Christoglou is a lecturer on the topics of his practice area at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. He has authored various publications on the rights and duties of managing directors in the digital specialist library "Deutsches Anwalt Office Premium" and "Pro Firma Professional" by Haufe-Verlag. He is an expert recommended by Haufe-Verlag in the field of contract law.


German, English, Greek

Professional qualifications

+ Specialist Lawyer for Labour Law (Fachanwalt für Arbeitsrecht) 2016
+ Admitted to the bar 2003
+ University of Hamburg


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> Checkliste: Pfändung von Arbeitseinkommen eines Arbeitnehmers (Die GmbH 2008)
> Checkliste: IT-Projektverträge richtig verhandeln (It-Freelancer Heft 5/2006)

> Februar 2022: LTO Legal Tribune Online | Neuer Partner im Arbeitsrecht
> February 2022: Christos Christoglou joins beck rechtsanwälte as a partner


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