beck check - What advertising can do

beck check provides legal advice that meets advertising law requirements in the communications sector.

Questions related to advertising law keep coming up when developing communication measures. This is where beck check offers communication agencies intelligent solutions which respond to the demands of the sector: tight schedules, high cost pressure and tough competition. Just as a copy editor ensures correct spelling, beck check makes sure that your presentations do not include any legally impossible ideas.

Fast: beck check undertakes to answer questions from agencies within 24 hours.

Plannable: Depending on the pricing model – whether lump sum remuneration for each inquiry or retainers – the average price per beck check amounts to approx. EUR 200.

Comprehensible: beck check gives clear answers which do not require any special legal knowledge – including modification proposals or risk assessments if needed.

It is obvious why this procedure is more advantageous than classical legal advice: beck check provides clear recommendations and professional risk assessments without going into too many legal details. If requested, legally binding legal advice can be provided afterwards if there are already precise plans for implementing ideas.

Your ideas deserve the propper legal advice. We look forward to hearing from you.

beck check. For your ideas.