beck whistle - internal reporting system

The obligations for companies to set up and operate hotlines and reporting channels are in-creasing steadily.  The Whistleblower Protection Act (sec. 12 HinSchG), the Money Laundering Act (sec. 6 para. 5 GwG), and the Supply Chain Duty of Care Act (sec. 8 LkSG), all pro-vide regulations for establishing  such facilities to enable third parties to report violations or complaints. Such third parties may be the company's own employees, customers, suppliers, competitors or other third parties who believe they must report violations of the relevant laws.

We not only advise you on how to set-up and operate such hotlines, but at the same time we are the solution to  your problem.

The trained and qualified employees of our beck Service GmbH take care of the technical set-up of your internal reporting point on our homepage and operate the reporting channels digitally, by telephone, or in a personal conversations with the third party reporting. In the event of a report, we will take care of the procedure’s lawful compliant management and, if necessary, of follow-up measures.

Why don’t you let beck Service GmbH take care of the bureaucratic work involved in setting up and operating an internal reporting system?  Both fixed set-up fee and fixed monthly flat rates, make the costs of your internal reporting system predictable for you and your company.

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