Hendrik Sievers

Partner | Lawyer | Specialist Lawyer for Information Technology Law

Professional Experience

Hendrik Sievers is beck rechtsanwälte-team leader in the areas of IT law and media law. He predominantly advises companies on data protection, e-commerce and contract law. He also focusses on distribution law and competition law. Hendrik Sievers is beck Service GmbH's director and has been appointed external data protection officer (DPO) for several companies.


German, English

Professional qualifications

+ Data Protection Auditor, certified by TÜV 2021
+ Data Protection Risk Manager 2017
+ External Data Protection Officer, certified by TÜV 2014
+ Specialist in information technology law 2013
+ Admission as a lawyer in 2008
+ Studied law at the University of Hamburg


+ Lecturer at the Fresenius University, Corporate Communication
+ Lecturer at the BBA Immobilienakademie
+ Arbeitsgemeinschaft Informationstechnologierecht im DAV e.V. (DAV IT) [Work Group Information Technology (DAV IT) of the German Association of Lawyers (DAV)]
+ GDD - Gesellschaft für Datenschutz und Datensicherheit e.V.
+ Hamburger Datenschutzgesellschaft e.V. [Hamburg Data Protection Society]
+ Assessor in the Federal Arbitration Court of the German Hockey Association


> Kundendaten sind Gold wert – Schadensbegrenzung bei Datendiebstahl und
Geheimnisverrat, PinG 2015, 79 ff.

Data protection and data security

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